Building Excitement; Building Collaborative Culture

apr24To our community,

I want to thank those of you who were able to attend our Parent and Guardian Engagement evening last night. The discussions, on building collaborative culture, were rich and we were able to gather some important data for our team to consider in the coming months. A special thanks to our staff who attended and helped to facilitate the discussion groups. We also appreciated our school’s Child Care provider attending and participating in the discussions.

If you were unable to attend the night, please find our speaking notes now archived here for your reference. We have also set up an online survey for you to provide feedback on.

Thank you again for your time, your input and for your commitment on helping to build our collaborative culture as a school. We look forward to the next opportunity to dialogue at our Kindergarten orientation evening for families of children beginning school for the first time next September.

The excitement continues to build.


Mr. Collins

2 responses to “Building Excitement; Building Collaborative Culture

  1. Kelly Phillips

    Thank you so much for providing the opportunity to participate online! Per chance, will a summary of input provided that night be made available to those who could not attend?

  2. Dear Ms. Phillips,
    Yes, that is hope. Once the survey has been up for a few weeks, I will look to consolidate the feedback.
    We appreciate your participation.
    Mr. Collins

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