Busing Q & A

To our community,

There have been some questions around busing for next year. As questions are received, I will work with Student Transportation Services to address them. As additional information becomes available, we will post it here for your reference.Please see a new page on our blog dedicated to Busing Questions and Answers.

I hope this is helpful over the coming months.

Mr. Collins

2 responses to “Busing Q & A

  1. Heather Marcotte

    My son goes to daycare in an area of Mount Albert that is on the bus route. How can I arrange for him to be picked up and dropped off there?

    • Dear Ms Marcotte,
      Thanks so much for writing. As long as Mount Albert P.S. had the address information, this has been forwarded to transportation.
      If we don’t have the info, could you please email me (not here for your own privacy) at Greg.collins@yrdsb.ca and I will forward for you. I need the address for drop off and pick up. Bus times and stops will be on schoolbuscity.com in August.
      I hope I his helps,
      Mr. Collins

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